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17 March 2005
New crew member, Dougie Daykins now officially a member of BSC. His profile is up and I have picturs to come. Gave the site another new look, I never liked the old one. Peace

16 March 2005
Website has a new look, because I got bored of the old one.

14 March 2005
New Member has joined the crew, Dougie. I'll have his profile on as soon as possible. Good session at Bristo on saturday. No new word about Basic Momentum but i will keep you posted. Peace !

10 March 2005
Not been an update in a long while. Well this is hardly an update, just to say session at bristo on saturday if anyone wants to come! I will get all of the crews new pictures up very soon but you will hav to bare with me as my computer is getting fixed at the moment. The Basic Momentum teaser was made two weeks ago and the preview was shown on the weekend, a huge success. Thank you to everyone who viewed it. Peace Out!

08 Febuary 2005
Our DVD is now going to be called Basic Momentum. It will not be out for quite some time but when it's finished it will be amazing! I'll keep you posted. Peace

07 Febuary 2005
I have got good news and bad news for you all! First the bad news, we have decided to not go along with Debut and stop ahead. For us debut is no longer. Good news is we are making our own new, improved and better DVD. We havn't
got the name yet but it is going to be amazing when we're done. Also we have a new team member, Logan Mcdonald, Big up. His profile will be up soon. Peace!

04 Febuary 2005
We are all heading up to Bristo for a session on saturday! Gonna be amense. New pictures will be up by tuesday hopefully! Peace!

31 Januray 2005
Me, Joseph and Louis went to The Factory Skatepark 2 in Dundee! And it was so amazing! I highly recommend you go up for a skate, the journey is well worth the skate. We sessioned with the Mussie Skate Krew (! Pretty good sessoin! No more word on "Debut" yet but i will keep you posted! Peace!
 27 January 2005
Not posted anything for quite a while now! Well here you are! Me,Louis and Joseph are all heading up to the Factory 2 this weekend!We have teamed up with Mussie Skate Crew,, and are making an edit called Debut. More information will be available soon. I will post up more about this! Peace